8pcs pack wool foam polishing pads for car

8pcs pack wool foam polishing pads for car, Foam pad sets feature: 
  • 1.This is a professional sponge and woolen pads kit direct used for car polishing buffing and waxing, can clean and improve their lightness easier and faster.
  • 2.The car polishing pad comes with adhesive backing pad and thread drill adapter, you can change pads just in seconds,which is perfect match to your polishing machine.
  • 3.Our polishing sponge pads use advanced manufacturing technology, soft and fine workmanship, not damage the surface.It is washable, reusable, economical and practical.
Q: Is this foam/sponge material made in China? A: No or yes, we have some foam material made in China, also have some import from foreign country like Germany . You can choose the one you need.   Q: How to clean these foam pads? A: Very easy to clean. I use a lot of dish soap and warm water. It takes a few rounds of ‘lather, rinse, repeat’ – as many times as required before the rinse water is clean. Q:Is this a hook and loop pad. Is this the pad I can use to remove light swirl marks on a new clear coat finish? A: Yes this is a hook and loop pad, and the pad is primarily used for polishing more then cutting but with a heavier compound it can be whats called a half step, and will remove light swirls. Q: Can I make custom polishing pads ? A: Yes, if you can send us photo and size, we can make custom one. Q: How can I add my private logo on the polishing pads? A: Normally clients will choose logo sticker on packaging, you can also use hang tag, inner card and print on back side of pad. Q: Can we choose foam pad color? A: Yes, you can choose the foam/sponge pad color, normally different color have different hardness.    

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