Car Washing and Detailing Power Brush Kit

Car Washing and Detailing Power Brush Kit , 

  • STRONGER, EASIER, FASTER, “DRILL BRUSH ATTACHMENT SET”. Now, cleaning is easier and faster with  Drill Brush Power Scrubber Set which is STIFFER and HIGHER QUALITY. This set is formed by stiffer brushes to make your cleaning easier and more effective. Let’s clean the stubborn dirts easily with our set. Less time, less effort.
  • ONE SET, VARIOUS USAGE AREAS. This set contains 2 inch medium stiffness which is for cleaning in corners and tight spaces, 5 inch black ultra-stiff brush is for cleaning in the kitchen, bathroom and on carpets, 2 Power Scrub Pads: the white one is softer can be used for shower cleaning, fiberglass tub and the blue one is stiffer for cleaning bathtub, metal sink, 3 inch stiff cone brush for wheels, rims, pipes, toilet and 3 inch wire cup brush for outdoor cleanings like grill, rust removing.
  • HIGH QUALITY, LONG TERM SATISFACTION. High performance by using drill brushes. These brushes have high-quality PP and stainless steel for high durability and indelibility. Our high-quality PP is made of high durable materials which provide high enduring.
FAQ: Q: I am looking to clean the grout on my kitchen floors. Will the small red brush do that? Is it stiff enough? A: Yes. The brush is 100 percentage polypropylene, stiff enough.   Q: Do the attachments work with any drill? A: Yes, as long as your 'drill' can be adjusted for width of the bit. They work with any drill that takes a standard bit.    Q: What are the sizes (diameter) of the two round brushes? A: The small one is just under 2 inches & the larger one is slightly under 4 inches. The smaller one was perfect for bathroom sink and stove burners.The larger one for bathtub.   Q: Can one of the brushes be used on a fiberglass shower stall without scratching and dulling the surface? A: No. We tested the green brush on a section of the back bottom wall first and proceeded from that point without any problems keeping the shower walls wet while using the brush.   Q: Which pack would be best to buy for removing hard water deposits in a pool ? A: It all depends on the material of your pool.If its plastic it's best to use the blue or white brush.For a concrete pool I would say the black.For chrome and sensitive walls and items use only the white brush And for cabinets and kitchen stoves use the green.   Q: Does this work good on car rims without scratching them? A: Yes, It can also used on fiberglass shower stall, it did Awesome and NO Scratches!! The small round brush worked best on wheels.     

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