China OEM 6 Foam Polishing Pads - Car Polish Pads Wool Compounding Pads – Rolking

Wool Compounding Pads for Car polishing,

                                Certification : ISO9001 &SGS & UKAS 
-Recessed hook and loop grip backing; 
-Plush durable wool and strong washable backing structure;
Usage :
-Family private polishing, cutting and buffing with compounds, polishes and glazes;
-Works with compounds and adapters for fast.
Wool buffing pad features:
-Wool polishing pad can remove finishing abrasive sand scratches and other paint surface defects
-Single sided screw-on pads feature flexing action for reduced surface burn risk
-Wool pad construction improves handling across large surface areas
-Blended or 100 percent wool abrasive delivers fast-cutting efficiency.