FM lauds Putin for remarks on Pelosi trip

Russian President Vladimir Putin [Photo/Agencies]

China lauded Russian President Vladimir Putin’s criticism of United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to China’s Taiwan region, saying that Putin’s comments showed the consistent and firm mutual support between the two countries over issues concerning their core interests.

While addressing the 10th Moscow Conference on International Security on Tuesday, Putin said the visit was part of the “purpose-oriented and deliberate” strategy by the US to destabilize the region and the world, instead of it just being a trip made by an irresponsible politician.

Demonstrating the US’ disrespect for other countries, it is a “thoroughly planned provocation” and another attempt by the US to “fuel the flames and stir up trouble in the Asia-Pacific”, Putin said, according to a transcript of the speech published by the Kremlin.

The West is trying to divert attention from its pressing socioeconomic issues by blaming Russia and China for its own failures, said Putin, adding that it is also “striving to expand its bloc-based system to the Asia-Pacific region, like it did with NATO in Europe”.

Commending Putin’s remarks, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Wednesday that they represent the high level of strategic coordination between China and Russia.

China will continue to work with the international community to safeguard the principles of the United Nations Charter and maintain regional and world peace, Wang said during a regular news conference.

More than 170 countries, including Russia, have voiced support for China and the one-China principle after Pelosi visited the island despite China’s repeated and strong opposition.

Putin’s comments are the latest in a number of denouncements made by officials in Russia, which reaffirm Russia’s adherence to the one-China principle and opposition to “Taiwan independence”.

In a statement issued during the first day of Pelosi’s Taiwan trip on Aug 2, the Russian Foreign Ministry called it “a clear provocation” and urged the US to refrain from undermining regional stability and international security.