THE TRAILER FOR MULAN, a Disney movie based on its previous animation about the ancient Chinese legend, has been released. 

Mulan is a heroine who joined the army instead of her father. During the Northern Wei period, the nomadic people of the north continued to harass the people southwards, and the Northern Wei regime stipulated that each family should be on the front line with a man. But Mulan’s father is old and weak, unable to go to war, the younger brother in the family is still young, so Mulan decided to join the army for his father, from then on began her military life for more than ten years. Going to the border to fight, for many men is a difficult thing, and Mulan not only to hide identity, but also with partners to kill the enemy, which is more difficult than the general people in the army!  The good news is that Magnolia finally completed his mission and returned home after decades. Because of Mulan’s credit, the emperor pardon her and think she has the ability to be an officer, but Mulan needs to take care of her old father, she asked the emperor to allow herself to return home.

There are some differences between Chinese and Western elements. Yet the differences cannot hide the points where the Chinese and Western values can find common ground. A good example being the part in the trailer where the matchmaker describes the qualities that make for a good wife, namely a woman being “quiet, composed, graceful, disciplined”. This is said with Mulan appearing in two images. One has her dressing as a woman, the other with her practicing sword. Obviously Disney described Mulan as a warrior, an independent female who can save herself instead of waiting for someone to save her.

That’s a good point where Chinese and Western values are similar because gender equality and female independence are now valued in both cultures. It will strike a chord with both Chinese and Western audiences.